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Little Things Factory offers training set

The Little Things Factory, a leading supplier of high-quality components and system solutions made of glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials for the fluidics and micreoreaction technology sectors, is launching an inexpensive training set for flow chemistry. It consists of four MR-Lab reactors, two syringe pumps, a wide range of connection technology and a brochure with detailed instructions for 13 reactions from the field of organic chemistry.

The inexpensive MR-Lab series from the Little Things Factory is particularly suitable for use in this field because many processes can be demonstrated using standard laboratory equipment. At the same time the MR-Lab series is ideally suited for training thanks to its wide range of combination possibilities.

The impetus for the training set came from a project by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt, (Federal Foundation for the Environment), which in the meantime has even been declared a UNESCO Project of the Decade. Starting from the realisation that especially in the field of synthesis chemistry the possibilities of microreaction technology have hitherto not been utilised to the full, a comprehensive concept was developed. The Institute for Technical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry in Jena under the direction of Prof. Günther Kreisel and the Institute for Organic Chemistry under the direction of Prof. Dr. Burkhard König designed experimental set-ups and processes by way of example.

Using the training set from the Little Things Factory it is possible to represent a large number of basic chemical reactions which have far-reaching consequences both economically and scientifically such as, for example, hydrolysis, hydrolysis under alkaline conditions, esterification, condensation, oxidation, bromation and nitration, to name but a few.