Over the past decades, microreaction technology has become established as an important technological component particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as process engineering. In the production of fine chemicals as well as the intensification of chemical processes, microreaction technology is a recognized and efficient approach with increasing relevance. Through the use of microreactors, micro mixers and other micro process engineering components, a variety of reaction advantages in all kinds of processes can be achieved. Microreactors enables safe handling of hazardous reactions and help to minimize reagent. If a catalyst is integrated in the microreactor, it can have great impact for synthesis in continuous flow. Areas of application ranges from petrochemical to pharmaceutical.

Catalyst in flow

As a leading manufacturer of microreactors and flow chemistry components Little Things Factory has developed flow microreactors with integrated catalyst. Therefore, microreactors of the MR LAB Series has been modified in different ways. One with the flow along an inserted catalyst rod and a cross flow version.

In a first aspect, the microreactor has a first reaction channel, a second reaction channel and a plurality of intermediate channels, which are arranged between the first reaction channel and the second reaction channel. The catalyst-containing channel is disposed between the plurality of intermediate channels. This version is called LTF-MS-Kat-G.

In a further aspect of the invention, the catalyst-containing channel comprises a catalyst rod made of a metal, an alloy or a glass. The metal may e.g. Copper, nickel or platinum. The catalyst rod is e.g. in the form of a metal wire. In a further aspect of the invention, the catalyst rod is coated. The catalyst rod can be pushed in and out of the channel. The catalyst-containing channel may also contain powders in another aspect. This version is called LTF-MS-Kat-R.