Nelson Mandela University launches a project to manufacture medicines against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria

The Little Things Factory GmbH (LTF) produces high quality components such as microreactors required in the fields of life sciences, medical distribution or the production of special chemicals. The outstanding technology from LTF is therefore perfectly suited for the development of vital medicines.

The Nelson Mandela University launches project for the production of AIDS drugs and other advanced pharmaceutical substances

The Nelson Mandela University in South Africa is currently implementing a project to manufacture vital drugs. The destination of the research team is to improve pharmaceutical production, so South Africa can produce its own substances for the medicines. These drugs will then be used primarily for diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria. Currently, original medicines are only being developed in Europe and the USA. China and India, however, produce much cheaper generics.These generics are imported from South Africa, whereby in spite of the cheaper prices billions of rand were spent. Making their own medicines ensures that people in South Africa have access to the latest pharmaceutical developments. In addition, local production can save the country a lot of money.

Flow reactors of LTF are used for drug research

For the development of drug manufacturing the team from the Nelson Mandela University uses flow reactors, which are manufactured by LTF in Germany. These reactors are part of the latest equipment from the National Research Foundation, which makes it possible to carry out the project at all. “Making their own medicines in South Africa is an important step forward and an asset to the locals. We are very proud to be part of this progress!” Alexander Schilling, Managing Director of LTF, reports.

For the first time a project of the Nelson Mandela University will be presented at a major convention

The Nelson Mandela University project is now being presented for the first time at BIO Africa Convention taking place from August 27-29 at ICC Durban in South Africa. For the successful further implementation of the project, an application has already been submitted for an unrestricted commercial facility for the manufacture of AIDS medicines.

About LTF GmbH:
As a leading supplier in the fields of fluidics and microreaction technology, Little Things Factory develops and produces high-quality components and system solutions made of glass, quartz and glass-silicon composite materials for a variety of sectors. The product range includes fluidic chips as well as microreactors for lab-on-chip, life science, flow chemistry, photochemistry and R&D applications.

About Nelson Mandela University:
Nelson Mandela University is a state university in South Africa. About 27,000 students study in the fields of humanities, health sciences, engineering, information technology, economics, education, law and science. Further information at