Do you need a customized solution?

The Little Things Factory is specialized to implement customer specific designs and ideas for microreactors and fluidic chips out of glass, quartz and silicon. Therefore, consisting LTF-Designs could also be used and configured. Take the opportunity to advise directly about our design elements and take advantage of our large wealth of experience.


LTF develops and manufactures microreactors and fluidic chips mainly from glass and quartz. These materials are ideally suited for microfluidic applications. The fluid components can be directly screwed onto each other or linked by means of connecting elements such as pipes or hoses. Sensors and valves can be integrated into double muff couplings which have been specially designed to accommodate them.






Additional materials

Little Things Factory produces fluidic components in accordance to customer requirements. Feel free to ask about your special idea of material to use.

* All technical data in accordance with the details supplied by the manufacturers of the raw materials – without liability – subject to modification.


For the creation of fluidic components and bio-chips Little Things Factory uses a wide range of structuring processes which have been employed for many years in the field of MEMS cap wafers, including, for example, micro-sandblasting and wet-chemical structuring of glass and quartz. The manufacture of these fluidic chips can be carried out inexpensively based on 6″ or 8″ wafers.

HF etching

KOH etching

Ultrasonic drilling


Diamond drilling

Laser patterning


Anodic bonding

Direct bonding

Adhesive processes

Eutectic bonding