Microreactors to create Lipid-Polymer-Hybrid-Nanoparticles

Little Things Factory has developed flow chemistry reactors which enable the production of ultra-small lipid-polymer-hybrid-nanoparticles (LPNs) which are used for example in tumor drug delivery. The reactors – called LTF RS – are able to create highly monodisperse nanoparti­cles with particle size down to 38 nm in a single step. Particle production runs at high…

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Over the past decades, microreaction technology has become established as an important technological component particularly in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as process engineering. In the production of fine chemicals as well as the intensification of chemical processes, microreaction technology is a recognized and efficient approach with increasing relevance. Through the use of…

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LTF supports drug manufacturing project in South Africa

Nelson Mandela University launches a project to manufacture medicines against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria The Little Things Factory GmbH (LTF) produces high quality components such as microreactors required in the fields of life sciences, medical distribution or the production of special chemicals. The outstanding technology from LTF is therefore perfectly suited for the development of…

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  • ACHEMA 2024, June 10 – 14, Messe Frankfurt, Germany

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